Chicago Lifestyle Photographer // Pediatric Oncology Summer Picnic

I have some pictures that I’ve been meaning to share but that I’ve been putting off for some time. I absolutely love shooting events, but this one was hard for me, and even now I’m crying at my computer just thinking about it. But it was a beautiful day, and it deserves to be shared.

A month ago I got the opportunity to work with Flashes of Hope. What’s Flashes of Hope, you ask? It’s an organization that sends photographers to hospitals to photograph pediatric cancer patients. The event that I shot was Central DuPage Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology Summer Picnic. It was a really great day, and so many families came out to bask in the sun and forget about their illness, if only for a couple hours.

As a photographer, I loved it. I have a documentary heart, and I LOVE capturing people’s authentic moments and interactions. As a mom, though, I struggled. So many sweet babies with terrible illnesses, and so many warrior parents. The heart and bravery that I saw there humbled me, and I cried the whole way home. But, man, am I glad I did it, and I would be honored to do it again. Just look at all these beautiful souls.

  1. Diane olinger says:

    Very good pictures Carrie! I would have cried too

  2. Jill Johnston says:

    You have touched my heart.

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