Four Art Pieces you Need for your Home

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for this space, and a lot has changed. My kids are older and sassier, my pets are more numerous, I have more gray hairs and a few extra pounds (thanks a lot, 2020), and, most importantly, I now sell things. Real, tangible, beautiful things that will hang on your walls, live on your coffee table, and become a cherished part of your family. 

Have you figured it out yet? I’m talking about artwork. 

I am passionate about printing and displaying photographs, both because they’re beautiful and make my home look a little less like a war zone and also because my kids love them. My daughter swells with pride when she sees a new image of herself on the wall, and my son excitedly points and exclaims “me!” And then there are the albums, which they will happily pore over for hours. Together, without fighting (more or less). 

I could go on and on about how important it is to display photographs in your home, but that is a topic for another post. This one is about artwork and all the beautiful ways you can display it. And let me tell you, you will want to display these pieces. 

So without further ado, I give you four art pieces you need for your home.

Gallery wraps: Gallery wraps are handcrafted, printed on fine art canvas, stretched over a sturdy wood frame, sealed for protection, and finished with a hanger for easy installation. They can also be hung with a float frame. Classic and timeless, these canvases have beautiful texture, rich, vivid colors, and make a statement.

Metal prints: Such a simple name, but don’t let it fool you. Metals are gorgeous. Images are printed directly onto high-quality aluminum and sealed with a glossy finish. These puppies are sleek, modern, and stunning, with beautiful, vibrant colors. A total show stealer and my personal favorite.

Framed prints: The ultimate in sophistication, framed prints are timeless and elegant. Images are printed on high-quality archival paper, professionally matted in acid-free rag mat, and encased in a handmade frame. There are many different colors and finishes available, all of which are lovely.

Albums: Albums come in several sizes, with a variety of covers and colors. They are perfect for when wall space is at a premium, a small footprint is needed, you have a lot of images to display, or you just love a really beautiful book. In my opinion, nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a well-designed album. 

And that’s it! These four pieces all pack a major punch decor-wise, and they allow your family’s personality and unique style to shine.

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