Busting Excuses: why a Family Session isn’t out of Reach

So, you want to get some family portraits taken, but you’re hesitant to move forward. I get it. It’s a lot of work and a big expense, and experience tells you it will probably be painful. But it doesn’t have to be! I’m here to tell you that having your portraits taken can be fun and easy, even if your kids would rather stand on their heads than submit to photos. Below, I’ll break down the most common excuses and show you that, yes, you CAN do this.

“My kids are insane and will never stand still for pictures.” Great! If you ask me, portraits where everyone is perfectly posed and smiling serenely at the camera are boring. Sure, they’re pretty, but they always feel inauthentic to me, maybe because my kids are also crazy and incapable of standing still. I want your photos to exude personality and love, and you can only get that when you let kids be themselves. So rather than force your little wildlings to submit and rot their teeth out with bribes, we’ll play games, have fun, and do whatever speaks to them. 

“We’re always so awkward in pictures.” I get it, I truly do. So many people I talk to have the exact same fear, which is why I don’t believe in posing. When you work with me, I’ll never tell you to tilt your head this way, bend your elbow just so, or pretend to be a lion for the camera. Actually, scratch that: I will definitely have you be a lion, but only if I think it will get your surly 10 year old to laugh. Instead of forcing your family into awkward poses, we’ll focus on doing the things your family does best: loving up on each other and having fun, whatever that looks like for you.

“Can we include our pet?” Absolutely! These portraits are about you and your family, and Fluffy is part of that story. 

“My house is too small/dark/cluttered for photos.” Trust me when I tell you this: most people think their home is unsuitable for pictures, but I have never yet encountered a home that didn’t work. From small cave-like apartments to tiny, clutter-filled bedrooms and every iteration of bad lighting, I’ve seen it all, and I promise you that your home is perfect. All we need is a tiny bit of light to make some magic.

“Your sessions are expensive, and I don’t have the money right now.” Yes, photography is expensive, especially boutique photography. Remember that you are not only buying photographs, you are investing in a process and in artwork that will last a lifetime. In order to schedule a session with me, a booking retainer is required to secure your date. After that, a payment plan can be arranged to take care of the rest. If you have any questions about setting up a payment plan or anything else, please contact me here.

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