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Your wedding photos are arguably the most important ones you'll ever take. Not only do they tell your love story, they also tell the story of your family, of the people you love who may not always be around. 

At Carrie Lee Photography, we do more than just take pretty pictures. We capture the moments - and the people - that matter. 

Sadly, we never printed any photos, and now we never will. Besides some blurry   Facebook uploads, the wedding album is the only record we have of the day. 

In 2011, everything was stored on CDs, which worked great for a while. However, one move and several computers later, and those CDs are gone. 

My story began 11 years ago when my husband and I were planning our wedding. Or rather,   weddings. We couldn't agree on where to have it, or even what kind of wedding to have, so we decided to just have two. Mine was a courthouse affair followed by pizza with only our very nearest and dearest, and his was the whole shebang (though still small).

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Hi there! I'm Carrie.

This is why each of my couples receives a custom-designed heirloom album.

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I am a storyteller at heart. I want to tell the story not only of your wedding day, but of your love. Your family. The way your grandparents still hold hands, and your brothers do that kooky dance whenever that one song comes on. These are the memories that you'll share with your children, your grandchildren, and the generations to come. These are the things that will last. I love organic, candid images that capture the joy and emotion of the day. I love small wedding parties and having your grandmother be the flower girl. I love getting to be there at the beginning of your journey, when a new family is made.

An adventurer at heart with an independent streak a mile wide, you and your love walk just a little bit off the beaten path and spend the majority of your time laughing together. You are sentimental, cherish your family, and want nothing more than to celebrate your marriage surrounded by the people you love in a way that is uniquely and authentically you, whether that be at your grandparent's farm, your childhood church, or the roller rink from your misspent youth.



I don't stage or fake stuff.

Real emotions are always better.

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