In a family session with me, you can expect to have fun and NO STRESS. Seriously. I am a laid back girl, and I want your session to be as stress free and enjoyable as possible. So if your 2 year old has a meltdown in the middle of the session, don't sweat it. Give her a snack and some cuddles, take a break, do whatever you need to do. I'm a mom, and I get it. And trust me when I say this: Those are the moments that you and your children will cherish years from now. Just like you cherish those old, yellowed albums from when you were a kid, these images are the ones that will stand the test of time and be passed on for generations. These are the images that tell the story of your family.

Family sessions take place in your home or out in the world, wherever your imagination takes you. They last 1-2 hours and are generally planned around an activity of some sort to maximize fun and encourage natural interactions.



All family and portrait sessions have a creative talent and retainer fee of $199. Images and products are sold separately.